Georgia demoted McConnell; what comes next?

Joe Biden will begin his presidency with a legislative majority in both the House and Senate for the first two years of his presidency.

Democrats need to take a lesson from the Republicans who have proven themselves wholly unfit to govern, and use that majority to its full effect to put out a full and complete repudiation of McConnell and Trump’s legislative policy.

First priority, after correcting the COVID Vaccination rollout, should be appointing an Attorney General who will investigate and prosecute the crimes committed by the Trump administration.

Second priority should be addressing their assault on the judicial branch of government through impeachment, where possible, of his appointments and by adding seats to the Supreme Court bench to eliminate the Republican majority and the power of the three Trump appointed Justices.

While all that is happening, rebuilding the CDC, reconnecting with the WHO and UN, treating white supremacy militias as domestic terrorism cells, releasing the caged immigrants and returning their abducted kids back to them, rejoining the Paris Accords, police reform, and ending funding to the border wall should all be taken care of.

Improving the ACA and working toward a single payer health care system needs to begin. 

A national minimum wage that provides a living wage, tied to inflation rates needs to be established.

And, the government needs to make a massive commitment to national infrastructure including job training and placement programs to create and fill the jobs necessary, not just to repair and maintain the current infrastructure, but to also upgrade it for the future.

Biden may not be the progressive I wanted, but he is an improvement over Trump, he will assemble a competent cabinet and empower them to lead without heavy handed micromanagement, and he will sign the bills put in front of him by a Democrat majority congress.

This means he will be as progressive as the Congress we, as voters, give him.

So, while we expect him to get to work on repairing the damage of the McConnell/Trump era, we need to get to work on the 2022 midterm elections to provide him an even stronger congressional support system to write the policies and create the budgets we want signed by the President.

The incredible work to drive record breaking voter registration and turnout to defeat Trump and flip the Senate was just the first step, not the end game. Don’t sacrifice the momentum. This is our opportunity to truly start checking and correcting our #Culturalinertia.

Nobody Gets a Free Pass

Every generation we seem to have the exact same civil rights battles over again for a new group of marginalized people.

Whether it is the Native Americans, People of Color, Jewish people, Interracial couples, Women, Muslims, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Queer/Transsexual/Asexual people, Atheists, or some other group of people; we are constantly fighting repeatedly to allow them to vote, marry, and be able to enjoy the same civil rights as those in power.

As soon as one group successfully obtains any sense of equality, the attention turns to another.

Even the language used to fight the battles against them is the same.  Substitute the words “Jewish People” for “Muslims” and today’s anti-Muslim rhetoric is exactly the same as that used to oppress the Jewish people half a century ago.   Substitute the words “Interracial Marriage” for “Same Sex Marriage,” and the today’s rhetoric is the same as that used half a century ago.

The terminology used by Trump and his supporters against Mexican immigrants is exactly the same used to fight the end of Black segregation.

So what do we have to do to reach the point where we can say once and for all:

All people deserve human decency, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, skin color, sexuality, gender, or any other arbitrary criteria that can be created to attempt to marginalize and oppress any of them.

All citizens are entitled to all Constitutional rights of citizenship regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, skin color, sexuality, gender, or any other arbitrary criteria that can be created to attempt to marginalize and oppress any of them.

A person demanding equality with the laws of the society is not asking anyone to give up anything thing they already have, except unfair advantage and privilege.

No one wants White people, Christians, or men to be treated worse, we just want everyone else to be treated equally as well.

When anyone is being mistreated based on these arbitrary criteria it is up to us, each and every one of us to step up and put an end to it.   Any abuse of racist or misogynistic abuse or religious oppression that we allow to go unchallenged is one we have not only permitted but condoned and enabled to continue.