It’s time to put some things in perspective.

As I write this, at 12:30 p.m. eastern time on August 4, it is the 216th day of 2019.

Based on the statistics at the Gun Violence Archive this is where we stand right now:


So, lets do some averaging to put things in perspective.

So far this year America has maintained:

  • A rate of 153 incidents gun related incidents per day.
  • Over 40 gun related deaths per day.
  • In excess of 80 gun related injuries per day.
  • Nearly 2 daily deaths or injuries of children between the ages of birth and 11 years old by guns.
  • More than 9 daily deaths or injuries of children between the ages of 12 and 17 due to guns.
  • More than one daily mass shooting even with 4 or more victims — not including the shooter — injured or killed by gunfire.
  • Nearly 1 officer involved shooting daily that results in the injury or death of a police officer.
  • More than 5 officer involved shootings per day that result in the injury or death of a suspect.
  • More than 5 uses of a fire arm during a home invasion each day.
  • Over 4 defensive uses of a fire arm daily.
  • More than 4 unintentional discharges of a fire arm daily.

Keep in mind, that these tallies only include those incidents that were reported and verifiable.

Here are some definitions for their methodology:


Now, let’s also take a look at more than one year. The folks at Gun Violence Archive have been keeping these tallies since 2014.


So, in just over 5.5 years, the United States has experienced:

  • 309,626 gun related incidents
  • 80,233 deaths as a result of gun violence.
  • The injury or deaths of 19,814 children aged 17 and under due to gun violence.
  • 1,923 mass shooting events resulting in the injury or death of at least 4 people not including the shooter.
  • The injury or death of 1,598 polices officers in officer involved shooting incidents.
  • 10,967 suspects injured or killed by police gun fire.
  • 13,293 uses of a firearm during a home invasion.
  • A defensive use of a firearm 9,798 times.
  • 10,386 unintentional discharges of a firearm.

Enough is enough.

Of all the wars the United States has been involved in since its foundation only the American Civil War and two World Wars have claimed more American lives than we have sacrificed in just the last five and half years by our refusal to well-regulate our gun ownership rights.

18 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. We start with mental health issues, criminals with guns, etc. This is societal rot and people not caring for other people. The gun is a tool. The people using them are the problem.


      1. Well, let’s see, buying a gun is easier than getting a state ID. Trump eradicated the previous administrations restrictions on Mental Health background checks within his first month in office. Multiple states have gone to unlicensed open carry. Texas just passed 10 new laws all pushed by the NRA to make ease of access and public carry even more lax. Far too few states have laws regulating safe storage and handling.


      2. No. What I am talking about is that we stop ignoring the first 13 words of the 2nd amendment. There is nothing well-regulated about American gun culture.


      3. it was one example of many….and states are rapidly passing laws to make it easier. What you are swayed by has no bearing on reality.


      4. No. What you can’t answer is what has bearing on reality. You’re using examples of a person buying a gun that she has obtained illegally. She didn’t even use her own money. She used a corporate credit card. That she didn’t have permission to use for that purpose. Which a lot of people call embezzlement. Which is again illegal.


    1. you are going to great lengths to focus on discrediting sources qnd nitpicking semantics rather than addressing the actual issue raised for discussion here, legitimate conversation was never your intent here. It doesn’t matter what sources I put forth, you would continue with the same avoidance tactics.


      1. Where can you obtain a valid state ID in under an hour, often without any background check at all?

        United States 1 Pass an instant background check that considers criminal convictions, domestic violence and immigration status. 2 Buy a gun.

        Many states have additional buying restrictions, including waiting periods and expanded background checks. Roughly a third of American gun owners buy guns without a background check, which federal law does not require when buying directly from a private seller.


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