Not The “Winter White House” Anymore

In mid-February, the Republican President Donald Trump, posted this comment to his official Twitter account.

southern white house

There are two important things to note here.   They should stand out to anyone pretty quickly.

First, by changing the language from the “Winter White House,” he is sending the message that he will be spending far more time there over the next few years than just winter weekends.   And it is going to cost both the local community there and the national tax payers far more than anyone originally predicted.

Second, and far more importantly, this is carefully coded “dog whistle” racist rhetoric designed to invoke the support of all those people flying the Confederate Navy Jack flag  at his rally’s in support of their Neo-Nazi “alt-right” White Nationalism.  It sends the message to all those that have claimed for years “The South Will Rise Again,” that it has now risen.

Both of these messages are clear.  Both are intentional.

Ignore, dismiss, or defend them at your own risk.

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