Don’t Be Fooled By Appearances

By most indications, today it would appear that Donald Trump has decided to challenge the Republican party leadership that has condemned him for his sexual assault confessions in the Billy Bush video.

It seems he is now running his campaign as a hostile takeover instead of the Republican front runner.

That appearance is patently false though until that same Republican leadership actually pulls their support, funding, and endorsements of him as their candidate.

Until they have taken those steps to cut him off, he is still their candidate of choice despite any of their pandering rhetoric to save their own campaigns and political clout in the process.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Fooled By Appearances

  1. Hi Tim,
    A long, long list of high-ranking and influential Republicans – politicians, party leaders, talk show hosts, newspaper and magazine editors and major donors – have already done exactly what you’re suggesting. Google “list of Republicans against Trump.”
    Look at Trump’s advisory team:
    Gingrich: political aspirations came to an end over adultery and power grasping
    Giuliani: political life ended over adultery and two poorly conceived presidential bids
    Christy: Bridge Gate was the stake in the heart for him
    These walking-deads filled a vacuum left when no one with any sense would touch Trump’s candidacy with a 10 foot pole. It leaves one to wonder what is wrong with Mike Pence. Surely something. Teaming up with Trump is a move of last-straw desperation. In any event, look for money and support to continue to dry up. If you’re interested, here’s more of my take on these dynamics:
    Kind regards,
    Jack Donachy


      1. The New York Times published a list of over 160 influential conservatives who have publicly denounced Trump, and that’s just the tip of the exodus. No, you won’t see very many who have already endorced Trump publicly rescinding their endorsements, but I urge you to have some empathy. Many of these people are in a tough situation and would probably not handle the endorsement process the same way had they they the luxury of hindsight. I take heart in Paul Ryan’s recent statements. No, he did not take back his endorsement. But he did everything else practicably possible to distance himself from Trump and to permit and encourage other Republicans to do the same. Maybe we’ll disagree on this, Tim. Personally, I am looking for openings and fresh air. I don’t wish to rub anyone’s nose in this mess. I see olive branches being extended. I want my party to not bat those offerings away. But I do understand your point of view. Kind regards, Jack

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      2. I have seen and understand the denoucement by these. I am saying that such an action without also pulling support is essentially meaningless words.


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