Welcome to Tim’s Timely Topics

Thank you for visiting my discussion blog page.

After several years of moderating discussions of controversial topics on Facebook, several participants have encouraged me to begin a regular site to delve further into some of the more important issues we discuss on a regular basis.

Postings to the page will focus on political analysis, social reform, modern news casting, new developments in science and technology, criminal justice, racism, and many other topics that I feel important enough to spend more time exploring.

Many of the issues discussed will be controversial topics about which many people are very passionate.  The moderation rules for the discussions that follow are very simple, attack the ideas presented, not the people presenting those ideas.   Remain civil.

For those willing to follow those simple rules, please join in!

Civil discourse on these important volatile issues is the only way we will ever begin to reach understanding of each other, if not agreement, and eventually find an acceptable means of coexisting without aggressive and unnecessary conflict.

By being willing to receive and explore countering viewpoints we may learn from each other, we may change our minds, we may find better ways to articulate our views so others can understand us, we may learn more about ourselves and why we are intractable in our opinions on certain issues.

As a result we will all become better people.

The primary goal of the page is to help prevent the spread of willful ignorance and the associated uninformed outrage that is becoming so prevalent in our society on many of these issues.

People who cannot follow those simple rules will be blocked from participation, as will people who are here for no apparent purpose but to troll the discussions and the people actively participating.


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